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3D Photo with Vivitar Mini Digital Camera
$20 3D Camera!

3D Stereo-Optical Recording for Camcorders
Some basic hardware and a piece of software.

Adding a 2.5mm jack to the Sony Gun Zoom Microphone ECM-HGZ1
Interface through the AIS with a mini stereo jack.

AIS to standard stero input
The easiest way to interface to Sony Active Interface Shoe.

Batterygrip BG-E3 and AA-NiMh
Pin-outs for BGM-E3A and BGM-E3L

C713 has RAW in hidden mode
Kodak C713 can generate RAW images, but how do you process it?

Can i use my camera to read an ebook ?
How to put photos back onto your digital camera in Windows. Supplement to "using Sony digital camera as a picture viewer" below.

Canon EOS 400D / Digital Rebel Xti Remote shutter release easy hack
Make a remote shutter release from a cellphone hands-free headset.

Canon EOS300d radio remote
A comprehensive remote field operated camera set-up.

Canon Image Numbering Hack Needed
Start at an arbitrary image number with Canon digital cameras.

Canon Powershot SD1200 disassembly?
A trick to take apart the case.

Changing Tape Without Removing Camcorder from Tripod Mount
Works with bottom-loading camcorders, such as the Sony DCR-TRV350.

Charging generic NIMh batteries in easyshare docks
You don't need to pay for expensive proprietary batteries.

Che-ez! Snap / iClick Tiny VGA Digital Camera on Linux
How to get this camera to work on Linux.

Converting a old camera into a digital camera
Some ideas to turn film camera into digital cameras.

converting AIS to mic audio jack
Need an microphone input on your AIS-compatible camcorder?

D50 remote
Use a mirror to redirect the IR remote signal to the camera.

DCS battery hack
Reviving Kodak DCS batteries with an Iomega power supply.

Defeating the Door: Aiptek Video Camera
Keeping this camcorder powered on even when the LCD door is closed.

DIY Photo Postcard
Your printed photos are post cards.

digital conversion of Diana camera
Concepts for turning film cameras into digital cameras.

Disabling SteadyShot on Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T30
Permanently turn off image stabilizing on Sony slim internal zoom digital cameras.

Disassembling EasyShare DX6340
Instructions on taking apart this Kodak camera.

DSC-H2 Shutter release button
Where to order parts and how to fix the shutter button on the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H2.

DSC-HX9V E:91:01 Workaround
A method to continue to use your Sony DSC-HX9V after getting the error message.

DSC-S600, shutter cover, rant
Details and examples of fixing Sony Digital Cameras with sliding lens covers.

Easiest way to use your E3 accessories with N3 cameras
No hacking or soldering, just costs you some dough!

Enable RAW Mode on Kodak C613
It has a secret menu.

Get Data Off a Damaged SD Card
Modify a SD Card Reader to Recover Data.

Get SUPER for Windows to Work on a Netbook
Simple work-around to get SUPER to work on a tiny display.

GH1 Firmware Hack: Jap to English, better video & more!!!
Improvements to the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1.

Gluing a Filter Adapter on the Camcorder
Use a round glass filter as a lens adapter.

Has anybody taken apart the 82379 3-in-1?
Disassembling the digital web cam for infrared photos.

How to disable to build-in mic on the DCR-TRV350 when video streaming through Firewire?
Use a dummy microphone!

how to re-use the KONICA BY-37899 Super Wide Disposable Camera with Flash
This disposable uses standard film cannister.

HP PhotoSmart 635 Digital Camera
Disassembly this camera and remove a capacitor.

IBM PC Camera High-Res Hack
Up the 320x240 resolution to 640x480.

Inside the microSD to Memory Stick Duo Adapter
Is it a direct pin-to-pin conversion?

Connecting an intervalometer to the Nikon D40x DSLR camera.

Kodak C Series Battery Mod
Mod the camera to take normal AA Ni-MH batteries.

Kodak DC215 serial pin-out
Make your own serial cable for the Kodak DC215 digital camera.

Kodak DC280 Serial and USB Pin-Out
Make your own serial and USB cables for the Kodak DC280 Zoom Digital Camera.

Kodak Series 3 Printer Dock Mod
A nice glowing Plastic Camera Insert of whatever Color LEDs you chose.

Kodak V550 reset
Reduce the image compression to improve image quality on Kodak digital cameras.

Kodak Z5010 - Video Has a 10 Minute Limit
Enabling the hidden menu to remove the 10 minute limit.

L100 eh67 pin power
Pin-out for the Nikon EH-67 AC Adapter.

LCD Lightbox
A virtual lightbox for your negatives and slides.

LCD Soft Light
Using your LCD monitor as a soft light.

Making a Canon FD Lens to a Canon EOS Body Adapter
Inexpensive methods to mount FD lens on EOS cameras.

Making your own N90s Electronic Shutter Release
Pin-out for the remote socket.

Need face detection hack to motion track telescope
Use face tracking technology for astronomy.

Nikon MC-25 cable adapter pin-out
Signals for the 10-pin connector.

Nikon Maid Module .Net code
Sample wrapper code for the Nikon Maid.

Nikon SB800 power connector
Idea for building a battery pack to replace the Nikon EH-67 AC Adapter.

origami popup flash bouncer
An easy to make flash bouncer that fits in the flash compartment.

PC sync port on a camera that doesn't have one
How to add an external flash to a camera.

Photosmart 320-has hidden settings (.RAW file save,ISO,aperture set,etc)
Administration menu for HP PhotoSmart 320 has more features!

Picture numbering
Trick Sony digital cameras to start numbering arbitrarily.

Pinout for nikon MC-35 gps cable
How to interface your GPS to the Nikon D2X and D2Hs.

Pinout for Olympus pen e-pl1 e-p2 accessory port and vf-2 viewfinder
Interfacing to the Olympus multi-cable.

PocketWizard to N3 connector?
Connect PocketWizard to Canon DSLR with the N3 port.

Polaroid Photomax Fun 320 serial cable pin-out
Detailed schemetic.

Pumpkin camera
Stuffing a DSLR into a plastic pumpkin.

Quick Tape Changing Adapter
Allows you to change tapes on any bottom-loading camcorder when mounted to a tripod.

Radio Slave
A mechanical shutter trigger.

Rebel XT/350D focusing problems solved!
How to adjust the focus on your Canon SLR camera.

Saving Photos from Disney's PhotoPass
Methods to download low-resolution versions of your treasured memories.

Self-Made 300D Remote
What can you make out of an old Minolta camera remote and an old Sony BetaMax VCR remote? A new Canon EOS remote!

Sony DSC-F828 IR Hack
Methods to shoot infrared photos with the DSC-F828 and the DSC-F717.

Tamron / Sigma 70-300 Macro mode hack
Jailbreak your lens.

TI-89 program to do a time lapse photography on Canon SLR
A tiny software for a scientific calculator.

total remote transmitter alternative ? need for shooting hdr exposures on the fly
Sound files to trigger your Canon EOS camera using a computer or a PDA.

trv840 hidden feature hack
Enable various features on the Sony DCR-TRV840 Handycam.

using Sony digital camera as a picture viewer
Digital camera doubling as an electronic photo album.

using Sony video camera as a picture viewer
Handycam doubling as an electronic photo album.

View Canon THM in Windows Explorer
No more generic Microsoft Windows icons for digital camera thumbnail files.