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Troubleshooting Firewire Problems

Firewire connection between the camcorder and your computer not only provides the best video quality today, but it should be no-frill plug-and-play installation; all operating systems today comes with Firewire driver built-in. But that doesn't eliminate Firewire troubles altogether as we see them reoccurring over and over again in our forums.

In this wiki page, we present several questions you can ask yourself to help diagnose your Firewire problem. Through this process, you should be able to resolve the issue. If not, please feel free to communicate with us in the forums.

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Could It Be a Camcorder Problem?

On some camcorder brand, an active indicator on the camcorder shows you whether it is tethered via Firewire. For example, Sony camcorder shows "DV IN" in the viewfinder whenever the Firewire cable is connected to the camcorder and the computer, while both devices are on. Find out what active indicator your camcorder shows and use it to troubleshoot your problem.

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Could It Be a Driver Problem?

Even though Firewire is plug-and-play, where the host operating system installs the Firewire driver itself, the operating system could have become confused at some time. In Windows, you can see if the Firewire driver is having a problem using "Device Manager". If you see an exclamation mark, then there is something wrong. Follow the procedure outline in this forum thread to resolve the situation: Fixing the Windows XP Firewire Problem

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Could It Be Hardware Problem?

If you have a desktop computer, the Firewire port attached via a cable to the motherboard. In such a case, it's very possible that it has came loose as one of our users has found in the following forum thread: Computer Doesn't See DCR-TRV350 via Firewire

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