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Lens reviews for the Canon system.

Cokin 0.5x Wide-Angle Lens for Camcorders
Wide-angle and macro lens in one.

Kenko KVC 0.5x Pro Video Wide Angle Converter
A solid professional wide angle accessory lens.

Lens reviews for the Leica system.

Night Detective Quest 5 (ND-Q5) Night Vision Monocular Review
Explore a whole new world in the dark.

Lens reviews for the Nikon system.

Novoflex Nikon Lens To Canon EOS Body Adapter
Review of this unreal unity.

Lens reviews for the Panasonic system.

Raynox MX-3000PRO 0.3x Semi-Fisheye Ultra Wide Angle Conversion Lens
An extraordinary wide angle lens that doesn't turn your videos into fish eye.

Lens reviews for the Sigma system.

Sima SLS-20 2x Telephoto Conversion Lens
An inexpensive telephoto accessory lens.

Some thoughts on the Olympus 1.45x Teleconverter Lens
Personal review of this teleconverter for digital cameras.

Sony VAD-PEA Lens Adapter
A God-sent item!

Super Inexpensive Lenses for Your Digital SLR Camera
Ultra low cost lenses that can show you a whole new photography world.

Teleconverter Magnification Comparison
Are you really getting the 2x magnification that the factory claims?

Lens reviews for the Tokina system.