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Some thoughts on the Olympus 1.45x teleconverter lens

The Olympus 1.45x teleconverter is intended for Olympus ZLR camera lines. These SLR cameras have zoom lens permanently attached to their bodies. Therefore, unlike traditional teleconverters, the Olympus 1.45x teleconverter attaches to the front of the camera lens via the filter thread.

The 1.45x teleconverter clips onto a 46mm filter thread much like a lens cap. Mine came with a 43mm-46mm step-up ring for my Olympus C-2500L camera. The front of the teleconverter has no filter thread, so filters and lens-hood cannot be screwed onto the teleconverter.

Amazingly, the teleconverter showed no light-loss on my Olympus C-2500L internal meter. I think the reason is because the teleconverter does not extend the aperature away from the film plane. If you can explain why there is no light-loss, please let me know. See my 'Stacking Teleconverters' article on why teleconverters causes light-loss.

When using this lens, the C-2500L zoom lens must be set to maximum zoom, otherwise severe vignette will occur. I find the round black halo, created by the vignette at wide angle, to have an interesting effect in some of my photographs.

The C-2500L digital camera has a maximum focal length of 110 mm (35mm equivalent). The 1.45x teleconverter extends the field-of-view to that of a 159.5 mm lens. It is a little bit short for my taste. I would have preferred a 2x teleconverter or a 3x teleconverter.

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