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Apple iPhone 3G Speed Camera Phone
A stylish camera phone with photographic improvements.

Apple iPhone 5
A really capable camera packaged in a phone.

"BlackBerry Storm" Camera Phone
Great for snapshot and note taking.

Blackberry Curve 8320
Not only a capable PDA, but a capable camera phone as well.

Cricket TXTM8
An unworthy phone for photography.

Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX 720 - Outdated, but still useful
A Pocket PC camera phone.

Google Samsung Galaxy Nexus Has Replaced My Canon Elph Jr.
A camera that goes every where.

HTC Touch (Verizon XV6900) PDA Camera Phone
A sleek and powerful PDA camera phone.

iPhone 3G Camera
A huge improvement to previous iPhone generations.

LG VX8300 Cell Phone
An overview of this 1.3 MP camera phone.

Motorola Triumph MOTWX435KT
Super Android phone with nice camera features.

My Nokia N70
Happiness with this camera phone.

Nokia 3500 Classic
A great P&S camera in a attactive cellphone.

Nokia N95
A camera phone is good, but it is not a replacement for a digital camera.

Pantech C3 Camera Phone
Fun to use camera with functionality comparable to its size.

Photography and video recording with Nokia N70 mobile camera
A phone with front and rear cameras.

Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus GT-I9250M
A superb camera that lacks finesse.

Samsung Intercept SPH-M910
A camera that can't be discreet.

Samsung SCH-U740
Review of Samsung SCH-U740 (Verizon Alias) Camera Phone

Samsung Tilt 8125
A handy camera that is always with you.

The Apple iPhone 3G Camera App
The iPhone as a digital camera.

Verizon XV6700 PDA Camera Phone
A compromise between a PDA, a camera, and a phone.