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microSD to Memory Stick Duo Adapter

For a while now, I've been collecting flash card adapters that would convert flash memory cards from one type to another. For example, I've reviewed the Minolta CompactFlash Adapter for SD Memory Cards SD-CF1, the Sony MSAC-MCF1N Memory Stick Duo Adaptor for CompactFlash Slot, and the microSD-to-miniSD Adapter. (You can find reviews for these converters elsewhere on this site. So I've been pretty happy collecting microSD's and Memory Stick Duo's to use with my digital cameras, PDA's, MP3 players, and computers.

Just two weeks ago, I came across a new product release flyer. This flyer announces the microSD -> MS Pro Duo Reader. It looks astonishingly interesting and is the final piece of the puzzle I'm looking for. With this adapter I can stop acquiring Memory Stick Duo's and simply use microSD cards for everything. I promptly wrote to John Chen of Win Team Technology Co., LTD., who graciously sent me two samples to review.