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How-To Download Photos and Videos from the Samsung A900M Camera Phone

The Samsung SPH-A900M is a feature-packed multimedia camera phone. This phone is better known as the Samsung A900M, and is the successor of the Samsung MM-A900. Some of its funnest features are its camera and camcorder modes. This article will focus on how to retrieve photos and videos that you've shot from the camera phone.

Via Bluetooth

To transfer files via Bluetooth, you must install the driver and software that came with your Bluetooth adapter. Just plugging an Bluetooth USB dongle into your computer and using the standard Windows XP drivers doesn't cut it. The standard Windows XP drivers only lets you transfer vcards.

Even after connecting the A900M to your computer via Bluetooth, you must still operate the A900M manually. It will ask you to confirm file transfer requests.

The BLUETOOTH directory (see the "Directories and Files" section below) is a red-herring. You have to manually set the "Exchange FTP Folder" in Bluetooth settings to the directory you want to transfer files to and from. It's do-able, but still a pain to switch between DCIM and MEDIA all the time.

Nevertheless, the ability to transfer files back and forth without wires is a blessing.


The cell phone package comes bundled with an USB cable that plugs into the proprietary port. You can use this USB cable to connect the phone to your computer and download the medias you made on the phone.

Enable Mass Storage

The phone works as a mass storage device. Therefore, you will not need a driver for most modern operating systems, such as Windows XP and Linux. However, unlike most mass storage devices, you have to enable it on this phone when you want to use it.

You must connect the USB cable to the phone and the PC before you attempt to enable mass storage. Otherwise, the phone will say "Please Connect USB cable" and prevent you from entering mass storage mode.

To enable mass storage, press the "MENU" button and select "Tools". Select "Mass Storage" from the menu. Then select "Connect to PC".

After entering the mass storage mode, the camera phone will show up on your computer as a drive. You will be able to copy, move, rename, and delete files on the camera phone like any other file on your computer.

Directories and Files

The camera phone mass storage has the following directory structure:


The photographs and videos you capture with the Samsung A900M camera phone are stored in this directory. The files are stored under a xxxSSMED sub-directory, where xxx is a three digit number.

Photographs are stored as jpg files, while video files are stored as 3g2 files.

Naming Convention

File are named in the following format, depending on whether it is a JPG or a 3G2 file:


"yyyy" is a sequential number.


This directory is a red-herring. To transfer files in and out of other directories, the "Exchange FTP Folder" in Bluetooth Settings must be changed.


This is the default directory for Bluetooth file transfer. But you can change the directory via "Exchange FTP Folder" in Bluetooth Settings.


The media directory is where the Media Player looks for all the media files. The Media Player will not find media files anywhere else.


This directory exists on the phone. Maybe it's for transfer files between computers. But it is otherwise useless.

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