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DSC-S85 does not support Memory Stick greater than 128 MB

user joe has entered room

analyst Keith_ has entered room

Keith_> Hi Joe. Welcome to Sony Online Support. I'm Keith. Please allow me a moment to review your concern.

joe> I have sen on semveral message boards that the 1301 error is a chronnic problem

Keith_> Thanks for waiting, Joe. I'm sorry that you're getting an error message while using the Memory Sticks in the Camera. I'll be glad to assist you with this.

Keith_> Joe, the Memory Sticks with 1GB capacity is not compatible with the DSCS85 Camera.

Keith_> You can use Memory Sticks up to 128MB with this Camera.

joe> IS that mentioned in the manual?

Keith_> Joe, this is not mentioned in the manual.

joe> So what can I do with the two Memory Sticks?

Keith_> We have this information in our database.

joe> OK...but if it is not in the manual...It should be in the manual

joe> If it were in the manual it would be my error. However, I think that an exchange is warranted.

Keith_> I am truly sorry for the inconvenience caused due to the incompatibility of the 1GB Memory Sticks with this Camera.

Keith_> I suggest that you contact the retailer to exchange the Memory Stick with a compatible one.

joe> They are not responsible

joe> Sony is for not supplying that information.

joe> Please do the right thing and as Sony rep, take responsibility for the error.

joe> I can send Sony the two 1GB Memory Sticks each in it original blister pack, and Sony can send me the appropriate replacements. That seem pretty easy to me.

joe> Keep in mind the MSRP of the 1GB aompared to the 128MB

Keith_> Joe, the information about the compatibility of the Memory Sticks is only available if the Camera is compatible with PRO Memory Sticks.

joe> Keith...I want to get an exchange

Keith_> Since, there is no information about the compatibility of the Memory Sticks, it indicates that the Camera is compatible only with the regular Memory Sticks.

joe> Please do the right thing here. I am going to post this "Chat" should end it by doing the right thing,

joe> Your dounding silly keith

joe> Will you make the exchange...yes or know?

joe> NO

joe> Yes or no...

Keith_> Did you purchase the Memory Stick from a Sony Authorized Dealer?

joe> of coourse

Keith_> In that case, please contact the place of purchase to check for the available options.

joe> Wrong answer Keith...I am going to post this online now. Would you like the address?

joe> Sony DSC-P41 C:13:01 main circuit board problem

joe> For starts

Sat, 20 Jan 2007 13:44:06 -0800


Sat, 18 Aug 2007 13:49:03 +0000

I juest did the same damn thing before reading this, yesterday, for the same camera, but with a 4GB Duo part! Urgh..

Sun, 26 Aug 2007 10:54:35 +0000

Same thing happened to me. I going to go with Cannon. They don't want to support theor product - I'm not going to support them. BTW - I love the Sharp LCD I got - SONY you lost that sale too.

Mon, 19 Nov 2007 16:50:43 +0000

Same problem here. manual said nothing about no support for larger memory. now sony says im stuck with a 1 gig and a 2 gig Sony you suck in your attitude! well Xmas is comming... im going to Best Buy after work and let the shopping public know that sony is phony! you cost me... i cost you! see you othger disgruntled cybershot owners at your favorite retailer 1 day of lost sales should send these asses a message!

Thu, 29 Nov 2007 04:18:03 +0000

I have been a fan of Sony. Most of my electronics are Sony-brand. I also have a DSC-S85 and recently purchased a 4GB memory stick with the duo adapter. I thought to myself that going from 16MB to 4GB is a huge increase. Well, I learned later that I can not use it with my DSC-S85. I returned the 4GB memory stick and go online to see if standard memory stick are available. I read all the comments from unsatisfied customer. I really like the DSC-S85 because it had Carl Zeiss lens and the pictures are very clear. But, I had to support the switch to another brand. Thanks for all your comments.

Tom Blaine
Sat, 01 Dec 2007 14:04:50 +0000

Thanks for posting this information. I, among so many, seem to have this issue. I wish SONY would have advised us before we each wasted more money on a product, which should work!

R Phillips
Sat, 15 Dec 2007 11:27:14 +0000

I can't believe how widespread this problem is! I just purchased a memory stick for my DSC-S95 and it came up as an error. I returned to the store and told them it must have been a bad memory stick so they took it back and they tried another one with the same results. They then tested one they had and it worked..the difference was, their's was purple,apparently the only memory stick compatable is the "purple" one.Could not find a store who sold this stick. I wrote to Sony and was referred to their "parts" department and it shows that that stick is "not in Stock". I am awaiting their response as to where I can find any size memory stick to work with my camera. If I am forced to update it WILL NOT be with Sony! the

Sat, 15 Dec 2007 18:51:01 +0000

I too wasted time trying to find a compatible memory stick for my dsc-85 that is only four years old . The only thing circuit city had was a mem stick pro duo with the adapter. The salesperson said that would do it. wrong! Tomorrow is christmas and I need to get pix of the kids. I will be buying a canon digital slr this week so I won't be having support issues in the future.

Tue, 25 Dec 2007 05:28:26 +0000

Thanks alot for this topic, glad I read it before I ordered memory from sony.
I checked the official site and it said the only module available was : MSHM128X ( Memory Stick Duo/128MB )

Thu, 03 Jan 2008 12:47:29 +0000

Thanks for the information. I was thinking about expanding memory and now I am thinking about changing camera(and manufacture). Thank you again, Marcos, from Brazil.

marcos de lima navarro
Thu, 24 Jan 2008 21:10:09 +0000

The exact same thing happened to me! very annoying.
I agree Sony should have replaced your memory sticks for the ones you can use.
I understand they can not include in the manual all memory sticks the camera is not compatible with, but the customer does not have a way to know that as well so there should be a commitment between both. The customer can be patient and ask Sony for an exchange, and Sony should exchange it inmediately.
I have a bigger worry. What are we going to do when this memory sticks 128 Mb are not produced anymore. I just lost mine... it is a pain to get a nother one. I looked already in 5 stores, only one had their last one.

Adriana Castaneda
Tue, 29 Jan 2008 11:48:46 +0000

Well, looks like I get to join a growing club of unsatisfied customers. My son-in-law borrowed our memory stick to get some pictures printed and and lost it. Now I'm stuck with a problem I feel should'nt even exist. Finding another memory stick. Its rediculous that a camera only a few years old would come across a problem like this. Clearly Sony does not wish to give support. It will be the last Sony anything that I purchase! My friend has an Olympus and loves it!

Sun, 24 Feb 2008 19:09:30 +0000

Yea this sucks. I have have a DSC-S85 and will not buy another Sony product again.

Mike O
Sat, 08 Mar 2008 20:04:50 +0000

I wish I had read this yesterday I now have a 2gb duo that I have no use for. I was always a fan of Sony electronics but this is an outrage that a camera of 2-3 years is not compatible. I am now a cannon fan, come and join me.

J Stamper
Tue, 18 Mar 2008 22:24:39 +0000

Love my Sony S85. Similar to a couple others I need to replace a memory stick and found that "pro" sticks are not compatible. I now have ten that I use to record and transfer pictures after loading and downloading them through a computer. That way I sill not lose another in the mail. However, I now learn that the only replacements available are rebuilt ones, certainly not available from or through Sony. Neither is there any information available through Sony that no other memory is compatible with the S-85 than the purple memory stick SMH-128 or one of less memory. NICE CUSTOMER RELATIONS SONY! Since I am over the Playstation age, Sony now joins the list of good Japanese companies that have become Americaniszed in their 'Go to Blazes" attitude toward customers. They join long-standing Canon who were great to deal with in Yokohama but should stick to cameras and stay out of computers or anything else.

My 35mm Nikon is sharper, faster but lacks the convenience of the digital memory. However, I can depend on it if I carry enough cartridges of film and do not need the instant review features. Too bad Sony's American management has turned it into another Ford. Guess how many decades I will still be around and you can tell when I might buy another Sony. It had been ten years for Canon and thirty for Ford. There oughta be a law.

wayne webb
Tue, 25 Mar 2008 03:34:07 +0000

Best deal is to get a 2x128mb (switch) online for ~ 21$ (eBay Search Results for '2 X 128MB STICK')

Thu, 22 May 2008 17:34:23 +0000

Fortunately, I researched the S85 before investing in a 4 GIG stick for a recent used Sony S85 eBay purchase. I have had to deal with American Sony on other matters and agree that they have joined other once-great companies that used to provide great service and stood behind their products, but are now only shells of what they once were... companies like Sears and Hoover that now have voice mail "service" instead of real people. No more Sony products for me after the memory stick experience. .... VERY bad PR, Sony!

Dr. Allen Thompson
Fri, 27 Jun 2008 22:39:54 +0000

good thing I came across this forum. I am looking for a bigger storage for my sony dsc-s85 . Results for my searches says that it is compatible with 1g. Bogus

Sat, 09 Aug 2008 23:28:58 +0000

I too purchased a 4gb memory stick a couple of days ago, so excited to be able to increase my memory that way. Sheesh! Not compatible at all. Now I'm searching online for available 128MB sticks and can only find used or rebuilt. How disappointing. Sony will not be my choice of camera again despite that quality of digital photos I've made with this DSC-S85.

Pam Russell
Tue, 28 Oct 2008 01:29:46 +0000

guess what? now I am stuck with a sony memory stick pro duo 1 GB, because it is not compatable with my sony dsc-s85. camera :(

Mon, 03 Nov 2008 10:34:14 +0000

Here is a link for all the different types of sony memory and compatibility:

Wed, 17 Dec 2008 18:57:31 +0000

Thanks for the info. I was just getting ready to purchase a 1GB stick for my S85.
Now I'll just settle for 128 MB and consider a brand other than Sony for my next camera purchase. Michael in Green Bay.

Sun, 08 Feb 2009 17:22:54 +0000

You all sound like a bunch of cry babies that can't get their way so they pick up their marbles and go home!
If you would have done a little research BEFORE purchasing an incompatible memory stick, you would have found that the camera only uses the old style first generation memory stick, which has a MAX capacity of 128mb,unlike the newer memory stick PRO which has a reported max capacity of 32gig. I say this because I have an S85 and I too would like to increase it's capacity beyond the 128mb, but it took me all of 2 minutes to figure out that it is only compatible with the older sticks. But I'm not going to blame is what it is...and overall it has been an excellent camera. I see the limitation as an inconvenience, NOT reason to boycott Sony. I will buy up all the old 128mb sticks I can find, which will have to be from an overstock place or something as the older sticks are not made anymore (another tidbit for all you whiners to get yer diapers dirty over). It's just a natural market progression. They make and support a technology only as long as it is feasible...then when newer and better technologies are made, they stop supporting the older stuff in order to convince people to buy the newer products. Don't like it? Go get yourself a 35mm film camera and pay for developing each picture and not have instant review of the pictures you take. Oh and GROW UP and accept responsibility for your actions. If you don't know for a fact that something is going to work, do a little research BEFORE you spend your hard earned money on it and then blame someone else for your inept actions. Of course Sony didn't put in the owners manual it wasn't compatible with MSPRO sticks, there was no such thing at the time the manual was printed!

Tue, 24 Feb 2009 22:05:20 +0000

Ich habe die selben Probleme mit meiner S85. Wenn Sony schon eigene Speichersticks benutzt, dann m��ten, wie in anderen Branchen, auch mindestens 10 Jahre lang Lieferm�glichkeiten sichergestellt werden. An updates ist Sony onehin nicht interessiert, denn die Firma glaubt, die Kunden blieben doch bei Sony. Fehler. Ich habe meinem Sohn zur Dissertation eine Panasonic geschenkt, damit er nicht die selben Probleme bekommt wie ich. F�r mich ist die S85 die letzte Sony.

Thu, 26 Mar 2009 11:22:18 +0000

OMG!!! Thanks so much for this info, I went to the Sony Authorized dealer @ the Garden State Mall yesterday to get more memory for my DSC-S85 camera the sales associate literally laughed at me letting me know that my camera is so old and that I needed an upgrade I told him that my camera is perfectly fine and I didn't need any upgrade. I tried everywhere EBay, etc and cannot find anything. I had bought the 256m (128 on each side) a while back if I had known this I would have bought at least 10 of them... so very disappointed in Sony. They definitley lost me as a customer.

Fri, 27 Mar 2009 19:43:54 +0000

Tell me, is there a way to by-pass the Info litium battery memeory, i have bought 2 Guenuine Sony they both failed within 16 months, i have now bought a compatible, but it fails to start-up..As for the 1Gb pro memory stick, if they are not compatible with the camera, why do the store recommend them, Sony dealer told me they would work fine, i bought 3 and stuck with them. i like the camera but the battery issue fails it the genuine batteries are hard to find and are expensive.

Mon, 06 Apr 2009 09:35:05 +0000

Wow I'm sure glad to have found all this! dusted off the old S85 yesterday, it took a good charge and I was about to go buy a large FASTER mem stick. Thank you all for discovering this before me and passing it on. My Pentex D100 is a much better camera anyhow and less money. Does sony make anything worth having? what a bunch of pelosi

Gregg in Rockport,Tx

Sat, 11 Apr 2009 18:14:57 +0000

I just bought a s85 at a church yard sale for five bucks, glad I found this site. It seems to me by what you are saying I got a good deal as long as I don't try to upgrade the memory. It has a 128md stick in it now. The only thing wrong is the flash does't work and no user guide came with it. I tried to download a guide from sony but got the internet run around. Thanks for the info.

Mr. Dee
Sat, 23 May 2009 17:34:25 +0000


Sun, 31 May 2009 00:56:51 +0000

This is a shame. I was looking to buy a new memory card for my Sony S85 and I fund this. I can not believe this. I paid $500usd for my camera brand new 4 years ago and who could have tell that my investment will become obsolet so soon......... Shame on SONY!!!!!

Tue, 02 Jun 2009 12:48:07 +0000

I agree with Donk's comment on 2-24-2009. It's technology people! Anything you buy will be obsolete within a year! I bought my S85 when it came out KNOWING THIS. Look at your computers. They are outdated alomost the instant you get them. It's not Sony's fault, it's YOURS for not buying an extra memory stick when you got the camera. If you waited more than a year after the camera came out (which was 2001), than you must swallow your pride in getting such a bargin and SEARCH around for the CORRECT accessories. Do a search on Google's shopping site for a Sony MSA 128A memory stick and you'll find them there and quit your complaining!

Mon, 08 Jun 2009 02:29:13 +0000

mmh! I managed to buy the new Li-Thium battery ( yummie all set to go!) here in Guangzhou China, but not cheap at all, there are many fakes that do not work, I paid 780 Yuan (RMB), 80 english pounds or 165$, now the memomry stick has failed, the camera shows the photo's but not the computer, it tell me the file is empty, i linked through USB and card reader, I'm sick, difficult to find new low 16mb MS, Sony stores are still recommending the higher 1G or Memory Pro, which of course I'm still stuck with 3 of them, anyone want to buy a camera? SHAME ON YOU SONY SHAME ON YOU.

Mon, 31 Aug 2009 05:00:35 +0000

I am disappointed in Sony. As one of the leaders in this type of technology it was not unforeseeable to them the need to have expanding memory or at least offering a memory stick adapter or something. Not to mention the prices they charge for the memory sticks!!! I was looking for a new memory stick a year ago already and could not find them in any store. Searched online but thought the prices at the time were still high. I checked again today, at $70 for 128m and $80 for 256m (which does work by the way) I can buy a brand new higher pixel, blah blah blah, etc. camera for the cost of 2 memory sticks. I bought my original 256m stick for only $50 ... 4 years ago. For what I paid for this camera, I can spend again, and get something 3x better on features it has plus dozen more. If I do, for sure not on a SONY.
Lost a loyal customer.

Wed, 14 Oct 2009 03:02:40 +0000

those of you looking for a memory stick for a sony DSC-s85 can buy one from Cost is $29.95 for a 128 mb and it is PURPLE in color...

Sat, 21 Nov 2009 21:23:24 +0000

Joe, I can't find the 128mb Sony memory stick on memorysuppliers that you mentioned--the purple one for $29.95; the only two I found need an adaptor, which I do not have. I purchased my Sony when the 4.1 megapixel first came out and paid full price. Then I found out a few years ago that I could not upgrade to a higher memory or even purchase a replacment. I've since purchased a Canon Cybershot digital elph and love it, but I still am hesitant to throw away my Sony camera. Right now I'm charging its battery.
If you or anyone can give me a lead to a 128mb Sony memory stick that does not need an adaptor, I'd be forever indebted. Thanks in advamce,


Sat, 28 Nov 2009 06:43:38 +0000

Hi folks. I think I've got some good news ---

SanDisk makes a compatible 128MB memory stick(MS) (part no. SDMS-128) for the Sony DSC-S85 camera. I've used this vendor's MS reliably in my S85 for a number of years. I searched the web and found the memory sticks matching this part no. at several vendor sites and the pictures appeared to match my MS so I ordered two add'l. units. It'll be a week before I have them in hand for testing. (If I see a show of hands, I'll post my results here. Who's interested?)

Good luck!

Jim H.
Fri, 04 Dec 2009 12:25:14 +0000

[follow-up to my 12/4 posting]

The SanDisk memory sticks (MS) arrived today and tested perfectly in my Sony DSC-S85 camera. No formatting of the MS was required.

[If MS formatting is required for some unforeseen reason, turn the camera top dial to "SETUP" and toggle down once to see "FORMATTING". Select this option and then "OK". Couldn't be simpler. If there's a prob. make certain that the small sw. on the MS is in the "UNLOCKED" position.]

Order Details:

PART #SDMS-128-A10 [the suffix "A10" apparently is used for stock control]
Cost: $25 ea. (on-sale) plus s/h
(ordering online is easy with PayPal or a credit card)

8145 River Drive
Morton Grove, IL 60053

Good luck and best wishes for the holidays.

Jim Hb.
Fri, 11 Dec 2009 04:32:52 +0000

Folks -- I know this is post/thread is a bit old, but I wanted to make a comment here. First off, I agree w/ you somewhat. But I tend to lean toward Donk in that If you all had done your research before you bought a memory card for an outdated camera made 9-10 years ago, you'd have known this camera was compatible w/ MEMORY STICKS only and NOT the high capacity Pro / DUO versions available today. THe MS-Pro and Duo sticks came out at least a year or two AFTER the camera and Sony clearly indicated then that the S85 was NOT compatible w/ those newer sticks, whether it said so in the manual or not. This DSC-S85 camera came out in Aug 2001 b/c I bought one right after it came out in September. So a camera memory stick pro/duo made in 2007 or 2009 is very likely NOT going to be compatible w/ a Sony camera designed 8 to 10 years ago, no matter WHAT vendor you bought the camera from, be it a Sony, Canon, Minolta, Fujitsu, etc. I bet you a dollar to a donut you can't buy Canon memory cards today that fit their own Cameras made 8 or 10 years ago either. Its all about new advancing technology, you know as well as I do how fast it moves. So give Sony a break. They still make very good products. No offense, but you cannot blame Sony or any camera vendor for that matter for your own negligence and not doing your homework first.

Anyway, all that aside, I believe Sony has heard everyone's cries. I *THINK* (tho don't quote me on this b/c I have not tried it yet) Sony has made a Memory Stick Pro/Duo Adaptor card that will take Pro/Duo memory sticks and allow them to work in old, larger sized, Standard Memory stick slots. Best Buy has it available online here for less than $10 bucks, so give it a look-see: Not sure what sized memory sticks it will hold but I plan to check it out: . . .


◦Adapts Memory Stick Duo for use in devices with larger, standard-sized Memory Stick slot.
◦Media slips easily into adapter
◦Adapter storage case included

Good Luck! - EB

Eric B
Fri, 23 Apr 2010 06:40:39 +0000

Sadly i also bought a 2g duo memory stick. absolutely sucks that sony doesant give a hoot about compatibility.

we3ll its no wonder samsung are kicking their butts on Tv and who knows what else . scary that they used to be market leaders. suppose arrogance knocks them down a huge notch. anyway . just ordered my Nikon d5000 , unlike sony , they make real cameras and not toys.

Sat, 05 Jun 2010 08:09:45 +0000

old thread, but again I agree...I have an older PC, maybe 2005 model year and I wanted to upgrade the memory but todays memory is not the same as 6 yrs ago.
While I am not such a Sony fan, I bought this camera when it first came out, have taken thousands of photos with it...Still use it daily, it is a good camera. While it is unfortunate we can not use a 4G memory card now from the local drug store, think about it, I don't even think there were 4G memory cards available at the time I purchased. My 64MB Sony memory I bought in addition was $89, thats unheard of now. boohoo, but seriously, wake up...

Fri, 26 Aug 2011 17:07:04 +0000

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