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Using the OLPC XO as a Remote Web Cam

About a year and a half ago, I wrote an article titled, "Setting Up a Remote Web Cam" on this web site. I used the remote web cam to see my wife and our new baby when I'm away from home. Recently, we had another baby and I wanted to set-up a remote web cam again. Except this time, I wanted to use the OLPC XO laptop that I got for my first born. The web cam is built into the OLPC XO laptop, so that I don't have to tether a web cam onto a notebook computer as I did before.

Web Cam with Pippy

I found that it's really easy to use the OLPC XO as a web cam with the built-in Pippy Python interpreter. In fact, I had written a Pippy Python script to turn the OLPC XO into a Real-Time Digital Photo Frame. In this article, we will be using this Pippy Python script to perform web cam duties. You can get a copy of the script and learn how to use it at this web page: Real-Time Digital Photo (GPL).

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