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Quad-G Wide+Macro Lens QWMA-77

Quite a while back, we got our hands on a Quad-G Wide+Macro Lens QWMA-77. This tiny lens, about the size of a thumb, is made for camera phones, such as the iPhone or the Android SmartPhones. We shelved it for a while, because no one was interested in cellphone photography. But recently, the Google Samsung Galaxy Nexus has really made SmartPhone photography and photo editing on the Android pure joy and plain fun to do.

Naturally, being photographers, who love improving cameras to create better photographs, we got the Quad-G wide-angle lens out for a spin. And the result quite astonishing to say the least.

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Package Content

The package included the actual lens, a strap, two metal rings with sticky backs, front lens cap, and instruction sheet.

The lens has a magnet for attaching to SmartPhones. If your cellphone doesn't have metal around the camera, you can stick the metal ring to your phone and then attach the Quad-G lens. the strap is attached to a round metal sheet. When you are not using the Quad-G lens, you attach the lens to the metal sheet via the magnet. The magnet is quite strong, so the attachment is very secure. The metal sheet acts as the rear lens cap.

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Includes Macro Lens

As an added bonus, this Quad-G wide-angle lens is actually two separate lenses. It has a macro lens element and a wide-angle lens element. You can separate the two and use the macro lens on its own.

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Lens on Google Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The Google Samsung Galaxy Nexus camera lens happen to be metallic. Therefore, the Quad-G lens attaches to the camera lens quite easily. And the alignment is perfect. It's not all too secure, but sufficient for photography. With the sticky metal ring, the attachment would be much more secure. We didn't find that necessary for our purpose.

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