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Contour ROAM Model 1600


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In the Box

The Contour ROAM comes in a hefty black box. The bullet cam is encased in a plastic case. The package gives off a sense of quality. After opening the package, you'll see that Contour provided you a nice protective case for the ROAM. It's transparent and works as a high quality display case to show off. Unfortunately, you won't be able to use the lens cap with the display case. A separate compartment in the display case allows you to store USB cable and other goodies.

Other than the quick start guide and the user manual, Contour provided the Rotating Flat Surface Mount, the Profile Mount, a USB cable, an extra adhesive pad for the Rotating Flat Surface Mount, a detachable strap, and a "CONTOUR" sticker.

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Look and Feel

The actual Contour ROAM cam is actually a lot bigger and heavier than I had imagined. From the photo on Amazon product page, I looked small and light weight. I thought it might have been made out of plastic. I had hoped to strap it to a sunglasses and use it on the go. But when it arrived, I realized my mistake. This action cam is made out of impact resistant aluminum body. It's shell has a really high-quality feel to it and it is solidly built. It's a bit too big and heavy for sunglasses. You'd probably look quite weird. Ski goggle might be more suitable.

The on/off switch on top is big and has a rubber surface. It will work wonderfully with gloves. The mount and back cover is made out of plastic. Not sure why Contour didn't use aluminum for these parts. A switch on the back cover locks and unlocks it for access to various interfaces. The switch is locked when a white dot is showing. It's unlocked otherwise. You slide the back cover up to open it.

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Filter Thread

The Contour ROAM has no filter thread in front of its lens. So if you are thinking of shooting special effect videos and photos with this bullet cam, then you are out of luck. Only special effects you can apply will have to be in post-processing on your computer.

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