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Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi vs. Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III

Does the name of this article sound controversial? Why would anyone compare the lowest entry-level digital camera built for consumers to the top-of-the-line flagship model built for professionals?

The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi is a low-cost digital SLR camera that many camera enthusiasts can afford to acquire and capture they precious memory with. It's low price entry allows many folks to test the Single Lens Reflex (SLR) water without spending months of mortgage payments on a digital camera that may be too big to carry around all the time. And it's a good stepping stone to the more advanced digital SLR camera if photography becomes a passion.

The Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III, on the other hand, is a beast in comparison. Just looking at the massive digital SLR camera causes most folks to shy away. And it's no nonsense, no frill matte body far from screams out, "look at me, I'm a digital camera!" At the cost of several time the amount of a single house mortgage payment, most folks can't even consider this camera unless their wage depends on it.

So between these two digital cameras which should you buy? That is the real question. And that is why this controversial comparison makes perfect sense. For a lot of folks, the question is not necessarily about whether to buy a Canon or a Nikon, but is whether to buy the lowest-end or the highest-end. If the pro-model lacks the advanced features, how would it justify the price; therefore, pricing isn't everything.

A good friend pointed this out to me when he asked about the difference between the entry-level and the pro-level digital camera. How would he know which one he wants or needs. So in this article, I will go into an in-depth analysis on the difference between the two ultimate models at the far ends of each extreme.

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