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How to multiple expose with an APS camera

I have a Canon EOS IX camera and was wondering how to do multiple exposure pictures. I know by default the camera can't do it, but I was wondering if there was a way to trick the camera into letting my reshoot the roll or something. Is there an easy way to do this?

Yes, you can trick the Canon IX to double exposure. The procedure is tedious.

Say you want double exposure on frame 5. Adjust the ISO setting of the film as normally for double exposure. Expose the film. Do a mid-roll rewind on the film. The cartridge will indicate a partial exposure of the roll. Use a tool to switch the the indicator to new cartridge. Load it in the camera; the IX will think it is new and start from frame 1. Advance the frame to frame 5 using the same procedure as you would do on a 35mm camera. Expose the second exposure.

You have to perform the above procedure for each additional exposure on that frame. Past exposure information for frame 5 and previous frames are probably erased (not sure).

That's a good technique for a 35mm camera that does not support a multiple exposure mode, but on an APS when you do a mid-roll rewind and then reload the film, won't it advance to the next available unexposed frame. At least it does on my 2 APS cameras.

Yes. But on the IX, if you change the indicator of the cartridge to the un-exposed setting, the camera will wind it to frame 1.

This trick also works on my Elph Jr.

I don't have any other APS cameras, so I don't know if it will work on all APS cameras or not.

This won't help the original requestor, but you can do a double exposure on a camera that doesn't support MRC by rewinding, then reloading the film and advancing to the correct frame by shooting pictures in a closet, etc. Of course, the automatic exposure system will cause the negative to be WAY overexposed.

You can prevent over-exposure by remembering to adjust the ISO setting. The same adjustment has to be done on most cameras that support multiple exposure.

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