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Unimpressed with Canon EF 24-85mm, but impressed with Canon Elph Jr.

12-Mar-1999 17:11:09

I finally got back my results from a photo shoot this last weekend for our photo assignment. The photos were shot with my Canon Rebel G, Canon 24-85 mm lens, and Canon Elph Jr.

I have to say that I am (yet) unimpressed with the Canon 24-85mm lens that a number of people on the EOS list have raved about. I have taken much better pictures with my old, but trusty, Sigma 28-80mm lens, which I have sold because of 'wonderfulness' of a Canon 24-85mm. Sure, I'm impressed with the speed and quietness of ring USM, but as an ancient camera philosophy goes:

"It's the image, not the equipment, that counts."

I sure hope that my disappointment is caused by the dark cloudy day, the low-end film, or the poor processing/printing, but not the lens. I will try the lens again with good film on a good day. And get myself a hood.

On the other hand, guess what? I have over eleven pictures that I will be keeping from the APS film of the Canon Elph Jr., compared to four from my 35mm SLR. I am truely impressed with Canon Elph Jr.'s exposure system. And I really like the fixed 26mm lens with aperture blades that open up to f/2.8.

Perhaps, Philip ( is right, and let me quote:

". . . don't expect an SLR with a 35-80 zoom and an on-camera flash to take a better picture than a point and shoot camera. . . . Research and development efforts are consequently spent in the P&S area. Nikon will let the F4 linger on year after year with an obsolete AF system but it updates its P&S line regularly."

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Some photos shot with the 24-85mm lens

Chieh sitting on a log
- Canon Rebel G, Canon 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5, Kodacolor 100.

- Canon IX, Canon 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5, Fuji SmartFilm 100 APS.

happy pearl
- Canon Rebel G, Canon 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5, Ilford HP5 Plus 400.

Some photos shot with the Elph Jr.

Chieh driving
- Canon Elph Jr., Fuji 400 APS film.

- Canon Elph Jr., Fuji 400 APS film.

froggy Jill
- Canon Elph Jr., Fuji 400 APS film.

got game?
- Canon Elph Jr., Fuji 400 APS film.

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