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How to roll the film out of an APS film cartridge

The APS film cartridge stores the negative securely inside like a fool-proof vault. It is a wonderful device to guard against dust, finger print, and damage. Of course, sometimes a photographer have to take a look at the negative to compare to prints, or examine it for film characterics. The APS film cartridge can be easily opened for film retrieval and closed for film storage.

The mechanism, shown below, to lock and unlock the cartridge door, shown above, is located right by the door.

Push the locking tab toward the side edge of the circular hole with a mini-screw driver. In this unlocked position, rotate the door clock-wise to open it.

Once the door is open, the negative is ready to be roll out of the film cartridge. Insert a bigger mini-screwdriver into the spool, as shown below.

Rotate the spool counter-clockwise. Voila! The film is out of the cartridge.

When the negative have been examined, roll the spool clock-wise to store it back in the cartridge. Once the film is back in, close the door. It will automatically lock when closed.

Remember to rotate the spool back to the developed position.

Warning: Opening the door of an undeveloped roll of APS film will ruin the film contained within.

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