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Thursday 2018/01/18

Schmap publishes another of my BlackBerry photos for its online guide
2008-05-16 14:16:38-04:00
I just received an e-mail from the online tourist guide Web site, Schmap, that a second camera phone photo of mine was selected for its Schmap Guide to California (see below). It?s a photo I took with a Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry Pearl 8120 of a heart-shaped sculpture on...
My BlackBerry Curve 8300 photo selected for Schmap Guide - East Coast
2008-04-27 14:38:32-04:00
Schmap Guide has chosen one camera phone photo from my Flickr collection of camera phone images for their photo guide to the East Coast (see below). I post some of my better camera phone photos on Flickr (I need to post some more!). The Schmap Guide photo is part of...
Case Western Reserve University students have mixed reactions to camera phone barcodes on campus
2008-04-25 03:28:09-04:00
Case Western Reserve University's student newspaper, The Observer, has published an interesting article about the use of snapping camera phone photos of 2D barcodes to obtain information at the school ( Reactions were mixed, but many students weren't impressed with the barcodes' value. Two especially interesting points to me: 1....
Director Spike Lee, with Nokia, to create cellular phone film from user submissions
2008-04-24 01:38:14-04:00
The famous movie director Spike Lee will create a short film based on camera phone videos submitted by users, according to an article in The New York Times. The effort is sponsored by Nokia. Anyone can submit a video -- to -- and Lee, in conjunction with assistant directors,...
N82 videos: Nokia discusses WiMAX/4G, multimedia hosting during CTIA show
2008-04-05 01:00:14-04:00
I recorded a few videos with my Nokia N82 camera phone during the CTIA?s Wireless 2008 conference in Las Vegas. I posted one video to YouTube and Vimeo and the second video just to Vimeo because it?s more than 100 MB and more than ten minutes, which is over the...
First video with my Nokia N82 five megapixel, 30 fps camera phone
2008-03-16 06:01:12-04:00
Yesterday I posted some of my first photos from the Nokia N82 five megapixel camera phone, and very early this morning ? when it was still dark outside and raining ? I shot my first video with the phone (see below). I shot it with the best quality (?TV high...
First photos from my Nokia N82 five megapixel, Xenon flash camera phone
2008-03-15 00:28:51-04:00
Courtesy of Nokia?s ?blogger relations program? I have received Nokia?s new N82 camera phone with a resolution of five megapixels, a Xenon flash and video recording capabilities of 30 frames per second. I received it Friday afternoon so I haven?t taken a huge number of photos, but I have established...
U.K.'s News International explores QR codes to capture younger readers
2008-03-14 19:01:37-04:00
The British news organization, News International, that?s owned by Rupert Murdoch?s News Corp., is exploring opportunities for adding QR (barcode-like) codes (see left) to its newspaper articles, perhaps within 18 months to 24 months, according to Marketing Week. The organization wants to capture more younger readers, and the immediate use...
Vodafone tests "Otello" search based on MMS images from German newspaper
2008-03-05 18:07:53-05:00
From ?Pocket-lint? I see that Vodafone in conjunction with a German newspaper is testing a new search service based on scanning images (see below). A user transmits a camera phone photo and the search engine, Otello, searches for information based on the image. ?Pocket-lint? says the tests are being conducted...
Kodak hopes for camera phone success with smaller, five megapixel CMOS sensor
2008-02-27 18:26:40-05:00
The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle looks at Kodak?s entry into the camera phone marketplace and its relationship with Motorola. The newspaper, that extensively covers Rochester, N.Y.-based Kodak, writes that Kodak is developing five megapixel CMOS chipsets for camera phones. Some time this year, Motorola is expected to offer at least...

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