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infrared hack

Has anyone disassembled their Sony camera to remove the infrared blocking filter? I've seen instructions on how to do this on models such as the F707/F717 or F828, but I'm interested in modifying a smaller camera, the DSC-W1. If anyone's opened up another compact Sony model, could you tell me how difficult it is to get to the CCD and if the ir-block filter is glued on or easily removed?

Thu Nov 4 10:47:35 PST 2004

Can u tell me about url for F828 ?

Mon Feb 14 02:23:52 PST 2005

I have taken apart the DSC-P92 before to remove the infrared-filter glass. It's fairly easy. Just remove the 4 machine screws around the case. Then you can take the case apart. After unscrewing the circuit board, the infrared-filter glass falls right out.

Without a plain replacement glass, the camera is short-sighted. But is very good for macro infrared photography. A glass cutter cost a few bucks at Home Depot. You can cut a plain glass and have a working infrared camera quickly.

For reference on how easy it is on the Sony camera . . . I can take the camera apart and put it back together in 15 minutes after doing it 3 to 4 times.

Chieh Cheng
Tue Feb 15 12:22:21 PST 2005

what can we do doing this ?
explain me thanx

Tue Feb 15 20:01:26 PST 2005

This modification allows you to shoot infrared pictures . . . without visible light. Here is a link to give you a good understanding of infrared photography:

Infrared Photography With a Digital Camera

Chieh Cheng
Wed Feb 16 11:00:32 PST 2005

why sony block this ?
do you mean i can hack my DSC-P92
and do "nightshot" shoots ?

Wed Feb 16 16:43:41 PST 2005

Our eyes cannot see infrared light. They are all around us. Therefore, Sony and virtually all digital camera manufacturers block infrared light from their digital sensors. If digital cameras, which have IR-sensitive photosensors, records infrared light in addition to visible light, the picture will not depict the color of the scene as our eyes see it.

Sony's NightShot mode does two things: 1) allows you to record infrared light; 2) light up the scene with the built-in infrared LED (can be disabled through the MENU).

So if you hack your DSC-P92, your camera will be able to perform one NightShot function: record infrared light.

Chieh Cheng
Thu Feb 17 18:09:10 PST 2005
I suppose it is the same as in SONY DSC-S70.
Tue, 13 Dec 2005 04:43:08 -0800

What would be great is to have a firmware hack for say the F828 that removes the restrictions when using "nightshot" mode. Currently, it can only be used in Program, which restricts the creative process.

Andrea Reina
Thu, 29 Dec 2005 07:49:28 -0800

i thought the dsc-w1 was already set for infrared, at least it is according to all the specs ive read

Thu, 9 Feb 2006 09:06:40 -0800

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