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Sony DSC-F828 Self-Diagnosis Display

The Sony DSC-F828 digital still camera has a self-diagnosis display function. This function display the current state of the camcorder as a 5-digit code (a combination of a letter and numbers) on the screen. If a 5-digital code is displayed, check the following list of error message codes. The last two digitals (indicated by xx) differ depending on the state of your camera.

If the error code starts with a 'c' character (e.g. C:xx:xx), then you can service the camcorder yourself. If the error code starts with an 'E' character (e.g. E:xx:xx), then you will need to contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility to have your camcorder serviced.

5-Digit Code Cause Corrective Action
C:13:xx The camera cannot read or write data on the recording medium. Re-insert the recording medium several times.
An unformatted recording medium is inserted. Format the recording medium (see page 45 in manual).
The inserted recording medium cannot be used with your camera, or the data is damaged. Insert a new recording medium (see page 21, 22, and 23 in manual).
C:32:xx There is trouble with your camera's hardware. Turn the power off and on again (see page 18 in manual).
A camera malfunction that you cannot reverse has occurred. Press the RESET button (see page 119 in manual) located inside the battery/"Memory Stick" cover, then turn on the camera again.

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